The gorgeous Noemi Del Prete with Red Vega, check her posts on IG with @noemidelp.

Vittoria Pantano with the Vittoria dress, designer by and for her for the New Year's Eve. Here's the stunning Vittoria's IG @vittoriapantano.

About a year ago Bianca Atzei wrote us to congratulate us on our collections, the quality of the fabrics and models, like the one she wears, had struck her.

With great pleasure we selected the Heart dress that highlights the femininity, the shapes and the character of the wearer. It was hard to make even more beautiful @biancaatzei, but we succeeded.

@aaaaaaalis has been working with us for some time, we are always impressed by the attention to detail of his photos. Alice Poletti guarantees professionalism and seriousness in collaborations and we invite you to follow her not to miss her posts.

With Margherita Pavano we have created a SS collection exclusively focused on her, with dresses characterized by light and quality fabrics, suitable for all shapes and with various colors. If you want to take a look at his profile @margherita_pavano.

MariaVittoriacass was one of the first important collaborations on Instagram, thanks to her contribution we continued to expand our network of ambassadors and influencers that support us on IG. Its beauty allows you to match any garment, with bold colors such as copper and green has allowed us to have a wonderful contrast with the dark color of his eyes and hair.

It seems that the Cupid dress was made especially for @aliiceorru, a garment that enhances every curve of the body, satin fire color that falls soft along the body.

A shot that speaks for itself, a charming @nicolefaccoli in the center of a deserted city, quiet, almost uninhabited, with the only fashion to make noise with the Miranda dress.